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The Mission

Mystic Pup's mission is to inspire an experience that will help you celebrate the connection you have with your mystical pup while giving back to therapy dog associations. 

The Inspiration


Hello and welcome!  I believe the human-canine bond is a sweet, mutually beneficial relationship that directly improves our physical, emotional and social lives.   My goal in creating this box is to celebrate this magical connection with a pawsitive affirmation theme and mindful presents for both mystical dog mamas and pups to enjoy together all in the same box! 


I live in the lovely state of Oregon where all the people are spirited and all the dogs have muddy paws with my husband and a couple of magical beasts, Ruby & Max.  I am inspired by everything that I've learned from them: to enjoy living in the moment, appreciate good snacks, and to remember that we are all connected and to trust our intuition.   Thank you for sharing this journey with me, this wouldn't be possible without you!

Remember to play. Remember to be a little messy.  Remember to slow down and turn off the screens.  Remember what it feels like to be wild and free.  Remember what it feels like to be mystic.  

Much Love,

Rain | Founder

Ruby & Max | Toy & Treat Testers

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